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7 Months Traveling Alone: ​​How I Traveled Around Europe and Why You Should Do It Too

Leave the job: done! Plan your travel itinerary: done! Prepare your backpack: done! Europe is an extraordinary continent capable of offering both comfort and well-being that stimuli and adventure. It is my homeland, yet it can also be completely unknown: these are some of the reasons that led me to travel alone through Europe for seven months, but what is the main reason that convinced me to undertake the journey?

Have you ever wondered how much you know your neighbors? Maybe you happened to talk to those downstairs, but maybe because they complained about the noise. But the woman who lives next door or the young couple at the end of the corridor? And what about those who live on your street?

Some may think that I have decided to travel alone to test myself: well, I have nothing to prove, it is not the first time I do it. When I was 19, during my travels, I often felt asked questions like: “Are you really alone? Such a young woman, traveling around South America? ". In those days there were no smartphones. I was alone, alone, for four fantastic weeks in the company of my trusted tour guide always under my arm: it was my personal search engine. There was no comparison with current technology: today Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype allow us to always be connected and in contact with our friends, although virtually. Just a simple glance at the KAYAK Appto book hotels, hostels, trains, buses, sightseeing tours and air flights online. Just a few clicks and in a few minutes you have already organized your trip for the next four days. So, it is not to test myself and to "be alone" that I decided to travel across Europe for seven months, however this may seem the reason at first glance.

The main reason is much simpler: what I have already seen of Europe was simply incredible, but there are still many "neighbors" that I want to know. For example, I have never been to Poland, the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Scotland or Ireland. Once again Europe offers me comfort and well-being and at the same time adventure and new stimuli. We Europeans have a common identity, yet we are marked by great differences: food, climate, territory, language and customs change as national borders are crossed along the journey.

How I organized my trip

I am German and I was born and raised in Berlin. So I asked myself: where to start my journey? Of the 9 nations bordering mine, seven have already visited. Of my list of places where I haven't been yet, Poland is the closest, only a few hours away: that's where I'm going to start. In the course of my itinerary alone, I plan to describe a curve that goes from east to north, and then to cross the western part of Scandinavia in a southerly direction, chasing the sun when the northern lands are shrouded in the shadows of autumn.

To tell the truth, Morocco is not part of Europe, but if the opportunity to see new countries presents itself, why not take it? Besides, I have friends to visit there. To be honest, I have a lot of friends to visit along the way: in Stockholm , Oslo , Dublin , Bristol , Paris , Lausanne , Barcelona , Madrid , Pamplona , Seville , and as I have already mentioned, in Casablanca. To be honest, another reason for my trip, though not the most important, is that I'm going to find a new place to move to for a few years and start a new working adventure in a stimulating city.

Well yes, there is also this on the plate. I quit my job, so now is the time to spend a lot of time thinking and finding the answer to the question: "what to do now?".
When I started my journey in May, they often asked me if I was going to have a blog to document, or even justify my decision. I, however, am not going to bring a bulky device with me just for this reason. In fact, the only thing I want with me is my phone. Also, typing long articles on a cellphone keyboard can be a very annoying one, and even if some hostels have computers, of the five reservations already confirmed before leaving, only one offers such a service. For this reason, I opted instead for a visual travel diary, using the free journi app . It is an excellent app, easy to use and engaging like Instagram or Facebook : it offers the possibility to share your trip and easily organize images and short texts linked to a travel map. Followers can register via email or Facebook.

Of course there are a few things I miss while I'm out and about, and as I stick to the stereotype of German, it's mostly good-quality bread and beer for me. However, after several centuries of influence of Germanic culture in Poland and in particular in Lithuania and Latvia, it is no surprise that the bread and beer around here are excellent. And this makes me feel at home.

As I head east, I encounter natural landscapes that leave me speechless. In Białowieża, for example, there is the only primeval forest left in Europe, whose trees rise impressively over 50 meters high and fill my heart with joy. In Kuldiga in Latvia, there is the largest waterfall in Europe, only two meters high but about 100 meters wide. A simply exceptional sight.

Traveling alone is truly a unique sensation. Of course, sometimes I'd like to have someone to share my impressions with, or be able to have a drink with an old friend instead of someone I met two hours earlier in the hostel dormitory. But it also guarantees a lot of freedom and a lot of new stimuli.

As for the places to stay, I like to alternate vital and frenetic accommodations (such as hostels where people of all kinds meet) to other more quiet and secluded ones (like small B & Bs in the countryside where social activity consists of meetings with cats and mosquitoes, or with a little luck a deer or a beaver). Usually, I don't stay in one place for more than four days and this travel rhythm works very well for me.

Since I usually travel using buses, trains and ferries, I usually organize several days in advance when I want to visit more remote areas or far from tourist itineraries, and I do the same with regards to ferry crossings. For all other bookings, however, even just a couple of days are fine, especially if you are flexible, you have no problems avoiding peak hours (so traveling very early or very late) and the idea of ​​spending the night in a 12-person dorm rather than a coveted 4-room for women only doesn't bother you at all. In this way, you can travel by improvising and organizing to the last.

Natural attractions

The Neringa peninsula : the white beaches of the Neringa peninsula in Lithuania are renowned for their beauty. They are easily accessible by arriving in Nida by bus or ferry and then by renting a bicycle, a car, or walking for 15 minutes from the lagoon to the east of the peninsula. If you want to add another nation to the list of those you have already visited, head to the dunes of Parnidis: from here you can cross the border and enter Russia.

The cliffs of Åland : sometimes the things that give the most satisfaction are the ones that require the most effort ... of the north of the island. In any case, the pink granite cliffs that appear to the eye are so splendid that they recover their strength and provide the necessary motivation to tackle the last stretch of road.

The Białowieża Nature Park : Białowieża has the only primordial forest in Europe, of which to be honest I did not even suspect the existence. Apart from the temperature, it really seems to be in a tropical forest with giant trees that exceed 50 meters in height. A word of advice: beware of mosquitoes!

What will my next stop be?

Many people are ready to bet that at some point I will have enough and that I will not be able to fulfill my purpose of traveling for 7 months. I gladly accept these bets, since I can't even imagine that such a thing could happen. Rather, I am surprised to think: “Oh no! I'm already a third of the way away ... and I don't want it to end! "
In two months I have already visited 6 countries and met different languages ​​and cultures. I traveled 7,200 km (on average 115 a day), saw 33 cities and countless forests and lakes.

In Poland, I met a Korean travel companion; in Sweden a former classmate; along the way a lot of interesting people: passionate tour guides, charming hostel companions, nice elderly ladies, Americans, Armenians, Israelis, Irish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Australians, Taiwanese and many others.

Some meetings were pleasant and others less, but it is still surprising how many of these were full of meaning and able to touch me deeply, even though I knew that I would probably never see those people again. So to return to the heart of the matter, what will my next stop be?

Right now I am in what will probably be the northernmost point of my trip. From here I will slowly begin the descent to the south, from Norway to Denmark and from northern Germany to Holland. Then a quick trip across the sea to visit England, Scotland and Ireland before returning to the mainland. From the south of Italy I will take a ferry to Catalonia and from there I will cross Spain to reach the west coast, and then go down to point south through Portugal. At this point of the trip it will be December and I will have reached the final destination of my trip, the land where the sun still shines: Morocco.

So far I am thrilled with my experience and am looking forward to continuing my journey for the next five months!

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Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019 Sale & Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Kicks Off: Here Are All the Best Offers So Far

The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019 sale has now entered its second day. Amazon India's big festive season sale will go on until October 4 to take on Flipkart's Big Billion Days 2019 sale. The six-day sale brings discounts and offers a large selection of smartphones, laptops, Amazon devices, TVs, and other tech products. Amazon has tied up with the State Bank of India to offer a 10 percent instant discount to the bank's credit and debit card users during the Great Indian Festival sale.

The Great Indian Festival 2019 sale brings hundreds of deals on popular products. We've scanned through a large chunk of these deals to bring you a selection of offers. Remember, all these offers from the Great Indian Festival sale are currently open only for Amazon's Prime members.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019 sale - Best offers on mobile phones

Apple's popular iPhone XR was briefly available at its lowest price ever during Amazon's Great Indian Festival sale. The 64GB variant of the iPhone XR was selling at Rs. 39,999 (MRP Rs. 49,900) and is now available at Rs. 42,999 which is still a decent price if you consider all the bundled offers. The phone had received a price cut in India recently, after the launch of the iPhone 11 series. You can get a better overall deal if you pay using a State Bank of India credit or debit card to receive a 10 percent instant discount.

Unless you had been living under a rock the past few months, you would have probably seen or heard the slow trickle of leaks of the OnePlus TV, the company’s first foray into the smart television space, leading up to its official launch which finally happened a few days ago, and the two QLED TVs from OnePlus are now on sale with certain offers during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. These don’t come cheap though, with the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 priced at Rs 69,900 and the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro sporting a sticker price of Rs 99,900. That calls for some serious investment for a TV that is essentially a first generation device from a company that is making TVs for the first time. Nevertheless, if you still insist, here are all the offers that you can avail to get discounts on the OnePlus TV.

If you are paying with an SBI credit or debit card, you can avail a discount of Rs 2,000 on the OnePlus TV. This means the price of the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 becomes Rs 67,900 while the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro will cost Rs 97,900. If you are paying via an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, this will offer a meagre discount of Rs 1,000 on the sale price. The saving grace is perhaps the Rs 5,000 cashback as Amazon Pay Balance if purchased through any prepaid methods. And, you will be able to get a free Amazon Echo Dot with both variants of the OnePlus TV, for the time being. And if you have an older TV to exchange, that will get you a maximum of Rs 3,930 depending on the screen size, age and brand of the TV.

Some of the features that the OnePlus TV line-up packs in include Super Resolution, Contrast enhancement and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies. OnePlus is quite confident about the prowess of the display panel. “In a gamma color comparison test, we went out in the market, selected few of our closest competitors in the high end QLED TV space and found out that our color range is 13.1% higher than that of our closest competitor. And almost 30% higher than the next player in line,” says OnePlus. The OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro also has an integrated soundbar-esque speaker system which has 8 speakers—two facing backwards and six facing towards the front, for wider sound and bass as well. The total sound output is rated at 50-watts. In fact, this soundbar slides down from behind the panel when you switch on the TV.

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STRING Garden: Buy Top STRING Garden products Online at Best in India

Many selections of plants can be utilized to make kokedama. Although your plant can survive and thrive with at least care, plenty of light is completely essential. Most indoor plants have a tendency to relish the humidity and in-direct sunlight. You are able to see why it makes a wonderful hanging plant. You can buy products during this Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale here.
Worm compost is my favourite amendment that I use sparingly as it's rich. String gardens make a terrific gifting item, whether for a particular occasion or for no reason in any way. They are a great way to add a natural element to your home and bring the outdoors in. Despite what the majority of people say, developing a fairy garden is surprisingly straightforward and you can do it on your own or with the assistance of your kids. Invest in a number of pairs of these and you will have the best-lit garden in the neighbourhood. If you're seeking to relax and get cosy outside, our fantastic selection of garden furniture will fit your style, no matter your budget and outdoor living requirements!. You can Read more about the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale here.
If you buy a lot of rain over the summertime, you may think about placing yours under protection. Make certain it doesn't receive any strong, direct sun or it's going burn in a heartbeat. You'd believe it to be bright shade. Don't panic if your garden's north facing or you simply don't have sufficient all-natural light since it also includes a USB charging port to enhance the internal battery. The lovely hanging lights offer a soft illuminating glow with lighting to earn your space feel to be an outdoor oasis. Outdoor lighting can be prohibitively costly, and if you're on a budget, you most likely don't need to devote the amount on lighting your backyard or patio, even if you intend on spending an excellent deal of time outside at night. This incredibly straightforward lantern is ideal to sit down on a patio table.
Normally an internet site is able to help you solve a dispute. Different web sites concentrate on various varieties of goods. If you discover an exemplary item in your favourite website, start looking for it in a search engine before you get it. Just enter in the merchants title as well as the term coupon'' in the various search engines, and you will be taken to discount sites where you are able to aquire a code. This information will provide you with some suggestions on the best method to get the best offers on the internet. To learn more see our FAQs. For it see our terms and conditions.
Dimensions have a propensity to vary between brands and exactly how products fit may not normally work on your physique. Consequently, make sure that you purchase the most suitable size to prevent this extra fee. The sorts of strings may also vary. The string of pearl needs just a few hours of direct sunlight each day.
There are scores of low-voltage lighting fixtures and accessories offered in a range of fashions, sizes, colours, and finishes. There are many varieties, and they're used for different things. A terrific way to not lose out on any offers that it is possible to engage in. Do just a little quantity crunching in the event the deal is truly all it claims to be. 
Buying on the web is merely about the most popular way people go shopping. Retailers generally offer digital coupons being a motivation to entice shoppers. Some retailers will end in this, though some put it to the shipping organization. It's possible to also read buyer's reviews to help you figure out just which items you may want to avoid.
You may find fairy garden kits so that you don't need to devote a great deal of time looking for all of the bells and whistles to create an ideal garden. All Plumen products which are out of stock will take an extra 2-3 weeks. Based on what organization you're addressing, you may be in a position to inquire about free delivery and other discount prices. In addition, you might be able to acquire absolutely free delivery around the item. You might discover that it's simpler to spend more and get decent customer support. You wish to link your house network to an outbuilding, such as, for instance, a garage or workshop, and wired is the only means to go. Just about any system, no matter its complexity, is composed of four primary components.